Went to CATP today. sooooo much waiting. Went with Mariel, Gigi, Jenna and Autumn. The line was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long this year, it was like twice the line of last year, so we cut with Michelle, and I’m guessing some other SF kids. I met Christian.. bffls oh yeah, lol no jks. At one point a whole bunch of people had a dance contest for free VIP tickets and I saw my exbf and it was really awkward for me because I haven’t seen or really talked to him since we broke up…. attempted at playing this game that was kinda like scrabbl but was in a banana bag. finally got our tickets, walked to Google. We got kicked out of Google because apperently it’s a closed campus even though they dont have any gates or signs and it’s next to an open park. LIES
After went to Mariel’s and chilled, almost got dragged into praying, i was kind of scared  but got out of there on time XD Pretty good day 

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